We offer a variety of assistive technology products for the blind and visually impaired, as well as those with educational and development disabilities. We work with our clients to select the right tools, then support them through training and service.

Featured Product

Dolphin SuperNova

SuperNova is a range of assistive technology for people who are blind or partially sighted. You can rely on SuperNova to provide exceptional magnification, screen reading and braille support. It enables you to explore your computer screen and read on-screen information independently.

ADP Products

BrailleNote Touch Plus 18, 18-character Braille notetaker with Visual touch surface

BrailleNote Touch Plus 32, 32-character Braille notetaker with Visual touch surface

Brailliant BI40X, 40 character Braille display with Bluetooth 5 technology and 32 GB internal storage

Victor Stream Daisy Player

Focus 14 Blue 5th gen, refreshable Braille display (14 characters)

Focus 40 Blue 5th gen refreshable Braille display (40-character)

Focus 80 Blue 5th gen refreshable Braille display (80-character)

Guide Connect complete computer access software

Index Basic – D v 5, Braille Embosser

JAWS For Windows (Standard), Screen Reader for Windows

Kurzweil 1000 for Windows, advanced reading tool

LyriQ, Document Reader

Mantis Q40, 40-character Braille Display with Qwerty keyboard

Open Book software, advanced reading tool

Open Book with Pearl Camera, advanced reading tool with stand alone camera

Perkins Brailler, Braille typewriter

Supernova (Standard), screen magnification and screen reading

Supernova Reader / Magnifier, screen magnification with reading

Zoomtext Fusion, screen magnification and screen reading

ZoomText Magnifier/Screen reader, screen magnification with reading