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EasyTutor is a truly revolutionary software solution for anyone with Dyslexia or who has difficulties reading, writing and spelling.  By harnessing the power of the inbuilt speech output facility, computer users can write, read, view and check text alongside a human sounding voice.


Research has shown that students with literacy problems can achieve improvements of up to 40% in exam scores when learning materials are delivered as combined audio and text.

EasyTutor is the perfect companion software due to its intuitive toolbar which works seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Explorer.

EasyTutor is also available on a USB Pen so you can take the software with you from PC to PC. Please note: EasyTutor on a Pen does not include scanning functionality.

Key Benefits of EasyTutor

Easy to use

  • EasyTutor is extremely easy to use, with minimal training required. EasyTutor runs as a toolbar within familiar PC applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Explorer.

EasyTutor can help to develop your reading skills

  • To help develop reading skills, EasyTutor highlights and reads aloud text from Word Documents, Web pages and spreadsheets.
  • Read with your favourite voices; EasyTutor includes its own high quality synthesiser so no need for additional Text-to-Speech voice synthesisers. EasyTutor's human-sounding speech synthesisers will also help aid your learning of pronunciation.
  • Read at your own pace; with EasyTutor YOU control the speed documents are read so you can work at your own pace. You can also configure EasyTutor to pause after every word, stop reading after each sentence, and read the word under the mouse through the Speech Settings options.
  • Listen to your text wherever, or whenever you want by saving your text as an audio or video.
  • With EasyTutor you can choose how to display text; change the background and text colours, fonts, spacing and highlights to suit your individual preferences.
  • Scan & convert documents or PDF files to text and EasyTutor can read them to you. (EasyTutor on a Dolphin Pen does not include scanning functionality).
  • Need that extra bit of magnification? With EasyTutor's Screen Ruler, you can magnify the line of text you are reading making documents and web pages that little bit easier to access.

EasyTutor can help to develop your writing skills

  • To help develop writing skills, EasyTutor highlights text and reads words aloud as you type, helping to develop a clear link between the spoken word and the written word.
  • To help to build your vocabulary, EasyTutor's predictive text suggests words as you are typing.
  • Spelling a problem? EasyTutor includes a dictionary facility offering alternative spellings as well as text and picture-based definitions of different words.
  • Keep using the wrong word? EasyTutor includes a comprehensive Homophone database to ensure you're using the right words and add to your vocabulary. Homophones are to instances where two words sound the same, but mean different things.

Customise EasyTutor to meet your individual preferences

  • Add a personal touch; customise your EasyTutor toolbar to show only the tools you use most often and alter the size of the icons to suit your individual preferences.
  • Want to change the look of the EasyTutor toolbar? EasyTutor has three toolbar skins available to choose from.


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