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EasyReader Express Software

EasyReader Express is an innovative service enabling content providers to “add” an Express version of EasyReader to their talking book content. Adding EasyReader Express to talking book content ensures that every reader with a PC will be able to access your talking book content without having to install a software talking book player, or own a hardware talking book player.

Who uses EasyReader Express?

EasyReader Express is the ideal solution for content providers who want to ensure all their readers can access their DAISY talking book content. This includes: corporate, Government and Non-Government organisations adding EasyReader Express to their newsletters, internal reports, and communications with their diverse customer base.

Key Benefits of EasyReader Express

  • Add EasyReader Express to speak with more people

As a totally accessible format to all readers, talking books are the fastest growing alternative format used by a variety of readers, including readers with visual impairments and learning disabilities. Not all of these readers have access to a talking book player however. Adding EasyReader Express to your talking book content therefore opens up a wider reading base.

  • Add EasyReader Express to meet your legislative requirements:

Disability acts around the world (such as the DDA in the UK and Section 508 in the USA) have encouraged employers and educational institutions to provide information in an accessible format for students, employees and customers. Talking Books represent a totally accessible format to all readers, and as such offer an extremely effective way to provide accessible information. However, not all readers have access to a talking book reader. Adding EasyReader Express provides the missing link to meeting your legislative requirements by ensuring all your readers can access talking book information without having to install talking book software on their PC.

  • Add EasyReader Express and keep your readers up to date with the latest talking book playback innovations:

The "Add EasyReader Express" website keeps you up to date with the latest version of EasyReader Express for you to add to your content. This means that you will be able to add the latest version of EasyReader Express to your talking book content every time you make a new EasyReader Express project.

  • Add EasyReader Express for seamless access to your talking book content:

When you add EasyReader Express to your content, your readers do not need to install any software in oder to access the content as a talking book. Because EasyReader Express can open your talking book content without needing to be installed on readers PCs, readers can simply open your content in EasyReader Express in seconds.

  • Add EasyReader Express for a better reading experience:

Research from John Hopkins University in the US found that students who accessed their curriculum materials in a combined audio and text format improved their exam scores by up to 40%. Distributing your content in talking book format with EasyReader Express will help you to ensure that your readers have the best possible reading experience and really engage with your content.

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