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EasyReader is a software digital talking book player, allowing users to read and listen to content through a combination of text, speech and images. With EasyReader, readers can quickly navigate to any section of a book, change the reading voice, customise their preferred text, background and highlight colours, search for words and phrases, and place bookmarks in a book to highlight areas of interest. What's more, EasyReader is extremely easy-to-use, making reading an absolute pleasure.

Key Benefits of EasyReader

Making Reading a Pleasure

  • Enjoy Digital Talking Books on your PC, without the need for an expensive hardware DAISY player.
  • You can view the text highlighted as it reads aloud, an especially useful tool for those with learning difficulties, dyslexia, or low literacy levels.
  • You can alter the colours, fonts, text size and layout of the book to suit your preferences.
  • Don't like the voice on the book provided? You can override the recorded audio with your preferred synthesiser (only available for books with text). For high speed listening, you can define the playback speed at which EasyReader reads out your content.
  • EasyReader plays various talking books; including DAISY, NISO, NIMAS, eBooks and Bookshare books; see the full list of supported formats for more information.
  • EasyReader instantly turns a text file into an accessible, interactive DAISY talking book, so users can make their own talking book direct from plain text.
  • EasyReader creates its own audio for text only DAISY books using the human sounding Acapela synthesiser, or any other synthesisers available on your PC. This includes providing audio for DTBook DAISY XML books created by Microsoft's 'Save As DAISY XML' Word Plug-in.


  • EasyReader is extremely easy-to-use, requiring absolutely no training.
  • The EasyReader user interface is intuitively designed to be both visually engaging and fully accessible to screen reader users.
  • Reader's can organise their growing bookshelf of digital books straight from the EasyReader user interface, allowing you to quickly find the book you're looking for.
  • With EasyReader, you can use your mouse or use your keyboard with the option to announce button functions using Key Describer Mode.
  • As with all Dolphin software, EasyReader contains a useful Help Guide, launched in a cut down version of EasyReader. The EasyReader Help is written in a task-oriented manner to answer any immediate questions you may have straight from the user interface.

Navigate through books with ease

  • You can flick through your book by headings, chapters, page numbers or by your bookmarks, speeding up the time it takes you to find the spot you need.
  • You can add & save multiple bookmarks to highlight areas of interest, allowing you can return straight to the sections of your content that really matter.
  • You can add & save your own audio or text notes to referenced points in the book, just as your peers might scribble in right hand column.
  • Use EasyReader's search facility to find a phrase or word and then jump to that point in your book.
  • You can choose to play or skip content such as page numbers, notes and footers, giving you complete control over the amount of information your hear.
  • EasyReader saves your place in the book, containing options to intelligently start reading where you stopped last time.

DAISY benefits

  • Research from John Hopkins University suggested that students can increase their test scores by up to 38% when they access information via combined audio and text. Since DAISY books are multi sensory, they provide an ideal learning media for print impaired and visually impaired students to whom standard print materials are inaccessible.
  • The navigability of the DAISY format makes it ideal for visually and print impaired people, who would otherwise find it extremely difficult to skip through content to find the bits that really matter.
  • Text only DAISY books and DTBook DAISY books (created by the free Microsoft Word Plug-in) are read or announced aloud in sync with the highlighted text using the bundled Acapela synthesiser.

Dolphin Support Service

  • Free lifetime technical support to answer all your questions regarding Dolphin EasyReader and all other Dolphin products.
  • Full online help facility built-in to EasyReader (by simply pressing F1 whilst on the user interface)
  • EasyReader is available in a number of different languages; please visit the available languages page to find out more.


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