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Supernova Software

Dolphin SuperNova
Combined magnification,
Speech & Braille for Windows®

Supernova is the ONLY product available that combines a screen reader and a screen magnifier.

There is no need to buy a separate screen reader and magnifier – with Supernova you have it all!

Supernova includes screen reading in speech and Braille with integrated magnification and works on any of the supported Windows® platforms straight from the box, including Windows® Terminal Server and Citrix® Metaframe – a single price for all platform support!

Supernova meets the needs of both blind and partially sighted computer users in a single package. You will only need to install and learn a single piece of software, making supernova ideal for larger organizations, libraries and businesses – there’s something for everyone!

It is designed with independent operation in mind. Installed on a network or a server, Supernova can be used from any terminal and can be switched on or off as required, giving the user the freedom to move around a building or campus. Users can save their preferred settings and retrieve them from wherever they choose to log on – no need for dedicated machines!

Whatever your level of sight Supernova will help you get the best from your computer.

The control panel makes all common features and advanced functions easy to locate via the screen or keyboard. The control panel can be run in full view mode, menu mode or from the system tray.

Supernova, as with all Dolphin products, comes with a full online help and user manual, as well as a getting started tutorial guide.

All Supernova features are fully customizable, and Supernova will also automatically remember your speech, magnification and Braille preferences for every program you use. A Settings File matches your preferences to the current application.
All Supernova features and functions are accessible through the keyboard, using hotkeys, as well as using the mouse. Dolphin hotkeys are easy to remember and are often the same for every application. They can be turned on and off easily and can be customized to suit individual requirements.

  • Increase the size of everything on the screen by up to 32 times.
  • Dolphin has introduced a ‘Fractional Magnification’ feature, which now allows users to select magnification scales in increments of less than 2x magnification.
  • More choice of screen magnification styles, including: whole screen; split screen; window; lens; auto lens; hooked areas. All styles can be individually customized.
  • Auto lens is unique to Dolphin and ideal for people who are used to seeing the full screen. Auto Lens provides full screen context AND magnified detail on the screen together.
  • Hooked areas are a feature unique to dolphin, they allow important information for each application, to remain magnified and in permanent view.
  • New user selectable focus highlight options make it easy to locate the mouse, the cursor, the live focus or virtual focus at any time.
  • Magnified text is smooth and clear in any colour.
  • Choose from 20 high contrast color schemes or build your own.
  • Dolphin’s Color Changer allows problem colors to be replaced anywhere on screen.
  • Line View mode allows whole documents to be viewed in one continuous line of text, making long documents easier to read. Choose your own colour combinations and fonts from the control panel. The cursor automatically jumps to the correct position when you stop reading, making editing documents easy. Users can now choose where they want the text line to appear on the screen.
  • Move smoothly around the screen without the mouse by using the Panning function.
  • Supernova now offers Magnification at the Windows® login.

Speech features include:

  • Talks as you type, by character, by word or both.
  • Reads or spells out any text on the screen: documents, spreadsheets, web pages, charts or emails.
  • PDF document support. Opening and reading a PDF document in Acrobat 7.0 couldn’t be easier as the document is automatically prepared for viewing and reading.
  • PowerPoint support. With Hal v6.50 you can now create your own slides and slide shows, including accompanying slide notes
  • A new Enhanced Document Read mode has been included within Supernova which combines the best features of Dolphin’s Line View mode and Document Reader.
  • New advanced features for Microsoft® Office provide more spoken feedback about your documents, including spelling and grammar errors, formatting and alignment, headings and style information, tables and cells, protected document controls, spreadsheet formulas, comments and chart objects.
  • Fast accurate Internet performance, including quick navigation keys, full spelling and attribute announcement, accurate column detection, focus tracking, page scrolling and easy form filling.
  • Dolphin’s unique List Utility announces lists of all internet links, headings and frames, as well as links and headings in Word® documents and worksheets and charts in Excel®. Making it easy to review large amounts of information quickly locate important information.
  • Supernova offers more Verbosity features than other screen readers. Control what and how everything is described using the preset verbosity schemes, or create your own personal verbosity scheme.
  • The new Key Describe Mode tells you what each key does as you press it, making it easier to learn the hotkey functions.
  • Supernova supports more hardware and software speech Synthesizers. Over 60 different synthesizers are supported via the Synthesizer Access Manager (SAM).
  • Dolphin’s Virtual Focus allows access to all areas of the screen, even areas inaccessible with the keyboard or cursor.
  • Supernova now offers Speech at the Windows® login through Dolphin’s Orpheus synthesiser.
  • Supernova comes complete with the Dolphin Orpheus 2.02 speech synthesizer and includes over 20 different languages and voice editing facilities.

Braille features include:

  • Fast and responsive Braille output, providing text and graphical information at your fingertips.
  • Supernova supports over 40 different Braille display models through SAM.
  • Braille support is offered in 14 different languages, including contractions (Grade 1 & 2) for US and UK and German Braille.
  • The Braille Verbosity allows you to control how all 57 Windows® controls are described in Braille. You can also create your own verbosity schemes.
  • On screen Braille Monitor shows the current focus in dots and text for sighted teachers/trainers, and supports Grade 1 and Grade 2.
  • Dolphin’s unique Braille Hooks feature allows users to hook anything on screen and keep it on their Braille display, e.g. the clock or status bar.
  • Supernova supports 6 and 8 key Braille input from supported notetakers.


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