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22 Wide Clearview +

Optelec Clearview +
22 Widescreen System

Magnify from 3X-65X!


Standard Features

High quality 22" Widescreen Color TFT monitor

  • One-button simplicity control.
  • 3X-65X Magnification.
  • Always-In-Focus™ technology ensuring crisp clear focus on every image.
  • Adjustable monitor arm allows the user to position the monitor for optimal viewing and comfort.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Easy-Glide reading platform with electronic brake.
  • High contrast text reading modes.
  • Photo mode for viewing pictures.
  • Exceptional brightness/contrast.
  • Vibrant Colors.
  • Multiple light sources for even illumination while in-use.
  • Free in-home installation.
  • Fully upgradeable modular design.

Optional Features

Basic Feature Pack

  • 16 alternatre color viewing modes.
  • Position indicator.

Advanced Feature pack

  • 16 alternatre color viewing modes.
  • Position indicator.
  • Window/line markers.
  • External PC switch.

PC Foot Pedal

  • Ability to toggle between computer and the Optelec ClearView+.
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