Focus Blue

Our world-class refreshable Braille displays deliver brisk Braille input and output for your PC or mobile device. The robust Bluetooth® connectivity provides seamless use with Windows®, Mac®, iPhones®, iPads®, and Android™ smartphones and tablets. Ergonomic navigation features allow quick, natural hand movements for greater productivity. When the Focus Braille displays are used with JAWS® screen reading software, they support our popular Braille Study Mode, an interactive tool for teaching and learning Braille.

Focus 14 Blue
Ultra-Portable Braille Display

The Focus 14 Blue combines a highly responsive 8-dot keyboard and comfortable control layout with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity in a pocket-sized design. Read text messages, navigate your Smartphone screen, send messages, and take notes without taking your phone off your belt or out of your bag.

Focus 40 Blue 
Braille Display

The Focus 40 Blue offers a user-friendly keyboard and control layout, with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity in an extremely lightweight and compact design – small enough to carry with you, but with enough Braille to get serious work done.

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